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  • These Terms of Service ("Terms of Service") govern the use of all i-Magazine websites and all contents, services, and applications provided by i-Magazin ("i-mag") to the user ("User") of this service. If the User is a private individual, he/she certifies that he/she is at least 18 years of age. i-mag does not enter into contracts with individuals under 18 years of age.
  • These Terms of Service serve as base for all offers, deliveries and services, and apply to all transactions made at a later date. Other terms and conditions apply only if they are in accordance to i-mags Terms of Service, or if their use as base for a particular contract or service is explicitly stated in writing.


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  • i-mag may change, limit, extend, or discontinue any aspects of the site or services at any time.

General Conditions of Use

  • The User shall use the services according to applicable law and especially to these Terms of Service; he/she shall respect third party rights and particularly the Privacy Policy.
  • i-mag, at its sole discretion, may investigate any suspicion of misuse of the site or services or material breach of these Terms of Service; may take appropriate measures; and if there are reasonable grounds for suspicion, may suspend the Users account access. In case of serious breach, i-mag may terminate the user agreement without notice of termination.
  • The User shall compensate i-mag for any damage resulting from his/her breach of duty. The extent of the Users liability shall be limited to the Users responsibility in accordance with these provisions.


  • i-mag uses cookies – small files with configuration information – to track user specific settings and realize user functions. i-mag does not collect personal data through the use of cookies. The website and its services are fully functional even without the use of cookies; only the access to user specific features and settings will be limited.


  • All information on this website is provided by i-mag without guarantee of accuracy, completeness, or topicality.
  • Unless explicitly prohibited in regards to an excerpt, a file, or document, the User may view, copy, print, or share documents in accordance to following provisions:
  • Use for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  • Any copy of a document or parts of a document shall embody these copyright provisions.
  • Amendments to documents as well as copies or parts thereof, are subject to i-mags prior written approval.
  • Any approval by i-mag may be revoked at anytime. In this case, any usage of the site or services shall be suspended immediately.